Who I am

About me

Business developer and (co-)owner of companies

My  belief in a better world, pushed and pulled me all my life. My first paid job was a civil servant with a consultant role as organizational developer. I learned how to change the perspective of departments from inner directed governance into serving its citizens in the first place. 

I completed my studies BSc. Social Work and MSc. Organizational Psychology, the latter whilst having a full-time job. From that, a life-long learning resulted in business administration, psychodynamics and leadership. All that luggage I applied in my roles in profit and non-profit organizations as business consultant, coach, mentor, trainer, program director, interim manager, CEO, member and president of boards of directors.

The switch to Zimbabwe opened many new opportunities. Requests, encounters, invitations, they all came and come every day on my path and people called me ‘boss’.  From my reflections in what my contribution could be for better living circumstances I made choices. My decision became not to be a boss but a social entrepreneur to develop business for the welfare of the people of this beautiful country.

Core Value

Integrity, inclusion, and respect are my core values. They are connected and lead my mindset and my actions. My competitors are not my enemies, but interesting people with a different view, and often with another approach from what you can learn. Every person counts and earns respect as a human being with equal chances. Nature must be respected and conserved, all creatures are unique and earn protection. Our footprints are more important for future generations than who we were.

My Drive

Talent deserves more outcome

New options, better answers on serious societal and individual needs, doing business in a way that talents are honoured, and people get fairly paid for their efforts and for what they contribute. Everybody has a talent.

That is my drive. With an eye for individual differences to make inclusion work, all based on social entrepreneurship.


What I Do

I create and develop businesses in the African region where I live. As well as for a good living of my new family here, as for the starting entrepeneurs whom i support. 

These businesses must be profitable from a financial and a societal perspective to invest in each prosperity and personal development.

My history reveals that my profession as an organizational psychologist brought me deep learning about a wide variety of organizations, profit, not for profit, private, governmental and NGO’s. The time has come to create what I was asked for in the past 40 years to advise, to develop and to optimize.

Personal Blog

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