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Innovator who moves people

My urge for change and innovation is a dominant characteristic. It comes from what followed upon a lifelong (since 1948) curiosity about who I am, how I relate to other people, who they are and relate to me, and what we can do together to make this world a better place for all.

‘If you don’t move, nothing will happen’ is my mantra and I kept myself moving. What I realize for others, was – being a CEO – described as: ‘breaking through borders from a new perspective to create unthought solutions for people’s problems’.

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I create and develop businesses in the African region. These businesses must be profitable from a financial and a societal perspective to invest in each prosperity and personal development.

Hans Blom Corona Blog

Post Corona

The denial was there, she got a strong foothold and exposed itself in street clashes. Those were not the bearers of the numerous extra coffins

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Charging or not

Who pays for my business support and who gets it for free? After living now for two years in southern Africa I am in business

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