Business Development

Blom Management Consultancy is my own brand to create new businesses. I put new companies for different economic activities and manage these to become profitable and to expand for creating jobs and profit.


Increasing Company Growth

Stimulating Entrepeneurs

Creating New Companies


I enjoy being an entrepreneur and to create business, for myself and others. No day without new ideas and opportunities. The start of my business activities was in a consultancy company that redeveloped and optimized the business strategies and marketing policies of leading, international companies in The Netherlands. Creating new market opportunities and stopping the ineffectiveness of much well meant human effort, and giving space to creativity and internal entrepreneurship, became a mission. Zimbabwe is a good place to operate on that.


The portfolio of business that I developed may seem a curious mixture of businesses, and yes it is. The origin of each of the businesses is the same and I will go on that way: meeting interesting people with the need for a plan on how to start their business. Or they thrive a business and look for an investor or other contributions for a next step. 

From that moment my brain opens unknown or somewhat forgotten reservoirs of creativity and experiences. The drafting of an inventory of first ideas is followed up by a strategic plan, which after many interactions with the advised client brings forward new kinds of operations, leading to the need of a structural approach. New, own or a shared company born. And that company must also become profitable to give an outcome that can be reinvested.



Blom Management Consultancy B.V. (since 1990) is the leading company in the portfolio. My personal brand as ‘business developer’ is sponsored and kept alive by this- from origin one-man consulting firm. It always had a wide network of colleagues with other expertises to operate on  bigger assignments and this stayed. 

The lead company and my personal holding Blom Management Consultancy B.V. is an umbrella for all current activities and other companies in: investment in start-ups, employment services, talent recruitment and mediation, mining consultancy and participation, shipping and transport of vehicles from the UK and Europe to Africa. The lead company delivers consultancy and management capacity to all these SitHans and other named derivatives, but it only gets paid for that if there is a profitable outcome. 


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