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As an entrepreneur you know how to deal with opportunities and constraints: no bright future and profits without hard work and a vision. You foster the talents for the next stage of doing business. We know how to partner your business in Africa’s economic development to increase it profitably.

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With us, Africa based business, labour & talent consultants you acquire professional support on critical business issues. Together we work on solutions to create prosperity, growth and continuity for your company, its workers and Africa.

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We bring you proven expertise by Hans Blom and Jabson Mutadzo for the development of Business and Labour and of African Talents.

Our Vision

African social and commercial entrepreneurship will win on commitment, compliancy, and competitiveness. Its effectiveness and profitability results from inspiring leadership, talent development and an efficient organization that is internationally lined up. Connected to the whole world in all circumstances, African businesses and non-profit organizations have a good future.

Our Mission

We contribute to the successful business growth of African companies to create well paid jobs, modernizing labour, and developing talented professionals for the benefit of the African people.

Our Portfolio

✓ Drafting / redrafting your Business Plan for the coming 3-5 years
✓ Business Support of Start-Ups, Small-Scale entrepreneurs
✓ Reorganization to a remote working enterprise
✓ Service Development of National and Local Government Organizations

✓ Organization structure and processes, restructuring and reorganization
✓ Personal Leadership of the Board
✓ Organizational development and developing effective teamwork
✓ Optimizing management of the workplace and of teams

Managed Services Programs for contracting labour, regular and project based Internal Resource Pool development and organization
Recruitment Process Outsourcing and Optimal Staffing Solutions.

✓ CEO’s and members of Management Board and Boards of Directors
✓ Executives, Team & Program Managers, Staff Managers
✓ Executive Teams, Project Teams, Product Development Teams

Your Consultants

Hans blom business developer

Hans Blom

Hans enjoys creating business, for himself and others, experiencing that every day brings new opportunities. He is living and working since 2018 in Africa as Hans Blom Business Developer and completed BSc Social Work, MSc Organization Psychology.

Hans’ business career started with partnering in a highly profitable consultancy company in The Netherlands. As business director he had the lead in redeveloping and optimizing business strategies and marketing policies of leading international companies in The Netherlands. Creating new business opportunities, optimizing the efficacy of the work and the organization, evoking creativity, and talent development, became from then his mission.

Hans was for 10 years the program director of a private business university. He has a longstanding career as CEO and member and President of Boards of Directors. Being the CEO of a 25M USD non-profit company his assignment was to guarantee the service continuity despite the suddenly 30% budget cuts by central and local government. With his 23 years business consultancy expertise, he realized with the central staff and local teams in 35 cities a 25% budget increase for client services and a 30% cost cut. The NGO became a profitable social enterprise and guaranteed the continuity of individual and collective support of the service delivery to the underprivileged clients.

His strategy toolbox contains what in many organizations is needed: market development, product innovation, organizational reshuffling, mergers, restructuring of the board and attracting a business-oriented CFO and a Marketing Director. The inspiration came from inspiring walk and talks accompanied by the clients with stakeholders in the political environment of the organization. This outside – inside approach is a crucial element to deliver what the market needs and will appreciate and is an effective way of demand creation.


Jabson Mutadzo

Partner International Labour and Talent Developer- ABLT

Jabson is a bright, talented and ambitious International Labour and Talent development professional who possesses a vast wealth of knowledge in the area of Labour and Talent Development and has a proven record of providing indispensable advice to clients and delivering positive outcomes for them.

A quick learner who can quickly absorb new situations and can communicate clearly and effectively with Labour and Talent Clientele. Jabson is constantly focused on developing solutions to Labour and talent issues and always looking for ways to improve and evolve business processes.

His expertise is anchored by 12 years’ experience gained across several institutions: The Labour Court of Zimbabwe, The Ministry of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare of Zimbabwe and The United Nations where he recently finished an assignment as Research Support for Talent Outreach in Eswatin.

Jabson has joined ABLT- Consultants as Partner. He is engaged as a Partner responsible for International Talent and labour Development. He joins ABLT as an accomplished, passionate, and creative Global Talent and Labour Developer, with Recruitment, Training and Development, Strategic Engagement, Human Resources Compliance Administration, decent work Experience. Jabson Holds a Bsc Degree in Sociology from Great Zimbabwe University and several International training certifications with ILO, WHO, IOM, LinkedIn, Google, and the Young African Leaders Institute.

Picture of Mr. Jabson

In August 2017 Jabson was appointed a Board member for Sound Prosperity Zimbabwe Foundation a member of Sound Prosperity Social Organization Switzerland. Sound Prosperity is an e-commerce based organization that seeks to identify, train, fund and empower disadvantaged communities to do commerce and sustain their livelihoods (

Jabson is among two Local Zimbabweans identified to sit in the board. Jabson is currently
playing a strategic advisory role with Phoenix Voyage Global ( an
international funding platform which seeks to promote organic Agricultural projects in Zimbabwe,
Tanzania, Uganda, Bangladesh, India, Cameroon and Nigeria (

Health Professionals Recruitment Programme

Our Offer

We offer a trusted service that helps African Health Professionals to fulfil their dream of working abroad. With a dedicated team of consultants, we can help you find a permanent job abroad either within the private sector or local authorities.

In today’s complex healthcare landscape comprised of COVID 19, an aging population, ever- tightening financial constraints and value-based reimbursements that favour illness prevention over treatment, healthcare facilities must have a clear and effective plan to create a sustainable business model amidst an ongoing shortage of skilled labour. 

Meet the experts in providing cost-effective labour management of core and contract staff. We strategically address the specific financial and operating inefficiencies of the clients we serve. Our results have helped increase the quality of care at the bedside, while reducing our clients & labour costs.


Our deliveries

As African business, labour, & talent consultants we are known for offering workforce solutions that deliver. When it comes to finding and supplying talent for the healthcare industry, our permanent search solutions deliver it all, from healthcare leaders, physicians and advanced practitioners to nurses, allied health professionals and non-clinical talent. 

Our approach is consultative and flexible with a broad range of delivery models that can be tailored to fit your needs with impressive results. As international business, labour, & talent consultants we have the resources and services to deliver highly qualified healthcare professionals for the duration that you need them. From daily shifts to timed assignments, we have the solutions to meet your changing needs.

— Related Services

Centralized management of an organization’s contract labour, while providing a centralized point
of contact for vendor management, service level agreements and other business operational
facets. National and Local Government Organizations.

We develop the strategy, planning and implementation, along with proactive management of a
Central Staffing Office (CSO) with multi-unit or multi-campus float capability of a healthcare professional pool.

An extension of your organization that provides a spectrum of recruitment solutions designed to
improve efficiencies, promote you as an employer of choice, increase core staff, all while
reducing dependency on contract labour.

Management of non-core support staff including paraprofessionals, patient care associates,
sitters/observation, patient transport, environmental, food and linen services, as well as case
management RNs, ensuring all positions are scheduled and filled in the most cost-effective and
efficient means.

Our industry leading experts engage in a consultative partnership to customize solutions for your workforce challenges. Through a comprehensive assessment and analysis of your current state, we utilize a number of talent assessments, tools, planning and deliverables that evolve your workforce ecosystem.

Dedicated recruitment support with an onsite consultant aligned to specific segments, locations
or needs Focused on a specific scope of services within the talent lifecycle.

— Our Staffing Services

We will help you find experienced travel nurses or allied healthcare professionals right when you need them.

Want your LRS traveller to join your permanent staff? We will work with you to make that
transition as easy as possible.

Using our database of qualified candidates, we will connect you to the right healthcare
professionals from Africa for the job and for your facility’s culture.

Jobs abroad

Get the Benefits You Deserve. You spend your days taking care of others. Let us take care of you. Find flexibility, competitive pay rates, comprehensive benefits, and a dedicated team to help you place at some of the world’s top medical facilities.


Contact us for the international
search of job vacancies for:

Relocation support

Our support is end-to-end, so we will help with everything from what you need to apply for a job, to setting up your bank account when you arrive. We will also help with interview preparation, finding accommodation, and everything you need to know about the application process.

From landing your first job to opening a bank account, we’ll provide step-by-step support to ensure you relocate smoothly and successfully. We understand that relocating to abroad is a big decision. But we’ve helped hundreds of overseas candidates start their careers abroad.

How we provided support to them:

We will help you find experienced travel nurses or allied healthcare professionals right when you need them.

The registration process can be confusing, but your dedicated consultant will guide you through
every step.

Where relevant, we offer guidance on completing every stage of your visa application.

With so many choices available, we assist you with booking to get the best flight deal.

We support you in booking temporary accommodation, to give you some time to find something
more permanent.

The housing market is competitive abroad, but we help you to ensure you do not miss out.

We can organise your airport transfer, so you have one less thing to worry about.

Our support is ongoing. So, once you start your job, we will be in regular contact to support you
in any way you need.

We will be here for you 24 hours a day. So, you do not need to worry, whatever happens, we
have the answer.

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Hans Blom

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We pre-screen applicants from our continent-wide database, and we present you only the most qualifed candidates.

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Our extensive screening process ensures that your new healthcare professional is ready to hit the
ground running at your facility from the first day.


Hans Blom

Jabson Mutadzo