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I create and develop businesses in the Southern African region. These businesses must be profitable from a financial and a societal perspective to invest in each prosperity and personal development.

Talent out of Africa

Its aim is to give a boost to the careers of talented, academic experts by acquiring (better paid) jobs for them from the globe.

Business Development

my personal holding to create the facilities for my entrepreneurship and to secure my financial continuity. It delivers the management for the other companies and activities.

SitHans Investments

is an investment vehicle to create business, for business development and participating in other companies in Southern Africa.

Entrepreneurship & Job Creation

With us, Africa based business, labour & talent consultants you acquire professional support on critical business issues. Together we work on solutions to create prosperity, growth and continuity for your company, its workers and Africa.

Africa Vehicle Shipping

African Vehicle Shipping searches, inspects, transports and ships trucks, trailers, and other vehicles for transporters in Zimbabwe and its region.

Mining Industry

aims to participate and to exploit as co-owner small scale, artisanal mines in Zimbabwe and to consult to comparable miners.

Employment Services

the thriving force and economic vehicle for developing job opportunities of talented African professionals.