SitHans Investments (Pvt) Ltd is an investment vehicle to create business, for business development and participating in other companies in Southern Africa. It is 50% owned by my holding and 50% by my African wife.


SitHans Investments Pvt Ltd (2018) is established to create a business vehicle for Blom Management Consultancy B.V. – with its headquarter in The Netherlands – that locally in Zimbabwe can take the initiative to create new business. SitHans Investments – and its derivatives – is promoted as a local brand and a Zimbabwean co-owned and directed company, what complies with the law.


The investment vehicle SitHans Investments operates as an empty businessperson. It has no own products or services and is no more than a transfer point of investment decisions  made by Blom Management Consultancy B.V. and other owners and it is the (co-)owner of its derivatives. This transfer role and the ownership role are managed by me on behalf of Blom Management Consultancy B.V..


Even as an empty businessperson SitHans Investments is an important keystone in the network of companies that is directed by Blom Management Consultancy B.V.. The substantial elements of this investment vehicle are an influx and outstream of capital flow, the administration and legal registration of profits and losses of its derivatives, and tax payments in Zimbabwe. Besides that, if there are shareholders in the derivatives other than from the SitHans ‘family’, also their rights and plights will be ruled by SitHans Investments Pvt Ltd.


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