Talent out of Africa

A European-African network of recruiters and a business cooperation of three founders. Its aim is to give a boost to the careers of talented, academic experts by acquiring (better paid) jobs for them from the globe. Jobs can be remote or on location of the employer.


Worldwide Sharing Of Expertise

Talent out of Africa connects its professionals worldwide to partner in a global, fruitful community of

Boosting African Academics

We recruit talented African academics and mediate them to employers anywhere aroung the globe to boost their career.

Creating Better Paid Jobs

We create more welfare for the experts in Africa by giving them the opportunity to work well paid elsewhere in the world.


Talent out of Africa (TO2A) links two phenomena and support parties on both sides: (1) Substantial shortages of knowledge experts in the USA, EU and UK. (2) Underemployment and job misfits of academic knowledge workers in southern Africa. African talent matters and is worthful: Africa cannot go on leaving unused academic talent and spilled in Africa while it is needed elsewhere to conquer economic and social challenges that also contribute to the development of Africa, directly or indirectly.


TO2A gives a boost to the career of African academic talents and to their welfare by connecting them to employers anywhere who need them for the continuity and upgrading of their business. TO2A mediates candidates from its Talent Community to employers who offer remote jobs and fixed jobs, also Xpat, for whom we hire. And TO2A undertakes actions like the daily posts of remote jobs from leading companies for which the members of the Talent Community can apply for free.


As social entrepreneurs the cofounders of TO2A thrive a profitable business from their experience as recruiters. TO2A supports academic talents by mediating them to (better) paid jobs on their level of expertise. They receive coaching and mentoring to develop their business skills and entrepreneurship for their homeland. TO2A also contributes to social responsibility projects in the homelands of the members of the Talent Community. That membership creates a direct interaction between the leaders of TO2A and the talents, and interaction between those talents.