Mining Industry

Business consultancy and support for artisanal miners, and participation to exploit as co-owner these small scale, artisanal mines in Zimbabwe.


Professional Management

Gold Mining


SitHans Mining Industry Pvt Ltd (2020) is founded to create a base of expertise for consulting to artisanal gold miners and to participate in this type of mines. A Dutch saying is: ‘it is not all gold what shines’. Gold miners know this by experience and there is a big need for professional management and business experience in these small-scale companies. I was repeatedly approached to deliver expertise and to invest in the opening or renovation of artisanal mines. To secure the investment risk and to have an own brand in the mining domain this SitHans Mining Industry was established in 2020.


Gold mining is a labour intensively and quite a risky business. In Zimbabwe  gold mining is one of the most profitable and economic secure activities with a big potential contribution to the gross national product. The government  advocates artisanal mining as an important factor for the local economies, creating many jobs. SitHans Mining Industry is contributing to that policy with consultancy and management support and finding funds to start to operate and expand the activities. Once a mine  is profitable, it must provide its own funds for further economic development by reinvestment of profits.



SitHans Mining Industry delivers besides business intelligence also mining tools and machineries, will assist in drilling a borehole because mining needs a lot of water. The company is also willing to participate in some of these artisanal mines as a co-investor. The company therefore attracts other co-investors to reach a critical amount of money to get a gold mine producing. The consultancy and the management are directed on developing an ecological strategy and a practice of mining with the least possible footprint and modern labour conditions. SitHans Mining Industry promotes co-ownership of the miners.