Employment Services

SitHans Employment Services is the thriving force and economic vehicle for developing job opportunities of talented African professionals.

It is 50% owned by Blom Management Consultancy B.V. and 50% by SitHans Investments (Pvt) Ltd. SitHans Employment Services (Pvt) Ltd is a network partner in Talent out of Africa.


Creating Opportunities

Talent Development

Training Future Entrepeneurs


Unemployment, and misfits between academic expertise and the job that is done, are two big problems on the local labour market. Getting people jobs, and jobs that count for them, is important to contribute to stop the uncontrolled brain drain to the diaspora. A lifelong career development is in the interest of the professional and of the country that needs innovative leadership. Talent development is economic development and leads to the necessarily entrepreneurship.


With the experience of being a program director of a private business school I know how important it is to link with institutions for higher and academic education to build up a network of talents. Also via social media there is access to the reservoir of talented young academics. They are all eager to explore the professional world and to find their role in it. Bringing that world closer by recruitment and mediation means creating opportunities for developing the next level of expertise. For many talents it is also the ultimate chance to engage with companies and organizations that work on creating better social-economic circumstances for all.


The cofounding of Talent out of Africa has a great influence on the daily schedule and its outgrowth will stay an important job. The organizing in 2020 in Zimbabwe of the first Libre Leadership Training for CEOs and directors of NGO’s with a limited budget, means for them a professional 7 days training for free that they otherwise could not afford. And there is the almost daily mentoring and coaching of starting entrepreneurs and businesspeople that need support to realize their dreams and to overcome some obstacles.