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The denial was there, she got a strong foothold and exposed itself in street clashes. Those were not the bearers of the numerous extra coffins with a black mask. Neither the nurses and the doctors, first appraised, later not extra rewarded. And not the ministers and their advisers, who did not dare to go apart from each other in the governance chaos they created themselves.

The revenge day that followed upon the last vaccination in 2023 could not be compared by all earlier. There were the pyres constructed with milliards of worn facemasks. On all fronts the regression was on the highest tide and political majorities could no longer be formed for whatever governance issue. The street reigned and the non-vaccinated rats in the sewers no longer had to hide for beating and beaten law enforcers.

The inhuman measure seemed more than ever before own to all for what a rule had to be put. The abolishment of rules was impossible without new rules. The drafters of those new rules were dragged from their homes en locked up. Their guards were the former freedom thinkers who once invented the one and a halve meter obligation, that they never applied themselves.

Unfolded was a society who did not make true this term. There were these first waves of family games, a dramatic fall in the number of divorces, and a pathetic exodus of home working professionals with their families to the rural areas where they once escaped from. It even did not become ‘each for himself’, there was the new pandemic of ‘each against himself’. A second and a third wave erased that never seemed to end and from what creatures were born that were hold in quarantine from the first day they were born for all their life. That one deeply cooled prick was their death knell.

The upswing of new god-fearing autocrats was unstoppable en they engulfed in their spirals of violence, each other lovingly suffocating. Every form of corruption that they had fought, had brought them unseen fortunes and provided them with a monopoly on everyone’s ownership. They could execute unlimited violence with the no longer hiding armies of new brave boys. And they closed their borders for all and everybody who deviated from the grey average in whatever way.

Only the fifth wave lead to some reflection. The state coffins were demiljardaired in such an extent that no one still had a penny to live from, nobody was still insured and all walked around devastated. The escape in 2035 of some of the post-coronians from their still always enduring quarantine created big social upheaval and unrest, as if all feared for aliens from another planet had landed. It was this new mankind who from years and years of observation and reflection and with a self created freedom refused to join in the dung of the arisen cesspool.

Their journey for an apotheotic sanctuary was not without danger, just because there was not any rule that still applied. The virtual world offered them by ethic hacking of intercontinental data centres with code constructed with artificial intelligence a first niche to inspire each other. A new world was born.


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