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coaching: analytic, involved and reflective

As an individual coach I do not focus on myself. My story is not relevant here. I continually hold the mirror to your input until you have a clearer view of how you function, of what is happening, of what you would want to change and what step by step might be changed. The confidence you have in me as a coach will be built on listening, searching questions, confrontation and support. Therefore: thorough retrospective investigations, free reins in the here-and-now, opening views to the future and ambitious planning ahead.

team development as a tool for value creation

Teams sometimes run aground by external threats, a management style that does not fit the team or tensions between the members caused by irrational elements in mutual relations and team dynamics. Stagnation in collaborative processes will through my reflection techniques be elucidated in team context for the benefit of value creation. The team will develop the unique quality of a high-performance team. Team coaching helps to consolidate this.

management, team- and talent-development all-in-on

An integral approach to the development of leadership, continued growth towards a higher performance of the manager and the increase of everyone's personal effectiveness, is that what you want? The application of my development concept the 'Learning Field' will lead to the realisation of the learning organisation. The everywhere-present talent will stand for the new organisation and all together will determine its concrete form. Participators in a strategic learning field will be addressed on their responsibility and on the personal as well as the collective contribution to the sustained development of the enterprise, the improved effectiveness of management and its business atmosphere. Thus develops the innovative power in ánd of the organisation which will lead to inspiring leadership.

program and process managemen

A temporary and refreshing input is sometimes indispensable, especially when complexities in the organisation threaten to thwart important assignments. Or if the organisation cannot provide the pulling power required. After a quick scan I formulate with the taskmaster what the nature and scope of the efforts will be, what its duration and especially the result must be. Following this I take on an effort obligation. Then with a team with renewed inspiration and ambition we bring the assignment to a successful conclusion