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Counselling with the hands-off approach

As counsellor I take second place with clients. My job involves guiding others to independently take action with confidence. This is achieved by means of reaching important conclusions together.

Counselling is a profession

My first action will be to invite you or your team to reflect under my guidance on your present situation and what its various aspects are. This will offer you points of application for assessing with your own views, expertise, norms and enthusiasm concrete issues as to their effectiveness. This way you will learn to discover and better handle your own motives and the dynamism in your leadership and in the organisation. This I see as a profession. My profession.

Counselling is networking

Thanks to my long career as a consultant I have been able to develop an extensive network of colleagues and taskmasters. This means that I am able to quickly involve other experts and have access to business-to-business solutions.

Counselling is making connections in terms of contents, relations and processes

As a counsellor I will show your organisation how to connect between vision, strategy and performance, in order to provide a link between contents (primary task), interactive relations and (submerged) processes. This way you will get a reliable view of what you can achieve among yourselves and what effective steps you can take for taskmasters.

Counselling is also learning the dialogue

As a counsellor I reinforce the internal dialogue focused on the realization of your dreams and plans. It assists in eliminating blockades in the communication and cooperation. This is vital for a better contact between your co-workers and customers. To learn how to intensify and enhance the dialogue instead of holding onto useless discussions.